Branding + Storytelling
+ Video Production

Today, HitTrax is the worldwide leader in baseball and softball simulation for batting cages, with thousands of systems installed all over the globe. Yet five years ago, they were a small group of ambitious entrepreneurs who built a prototype in a garage.

When the time came to produce their first video series, HitTrax chose ACC to lead the production from script to screen.



Producing their first video series provided a number of challenges, starting with a diverse set of audiences with different needs, including:

  • Highschool to College Age Players
  • Highschool to College Coaches
  • Recruiters
  • Facility Owners


ACC identified and interviewed players, coaches and facilities owners who regularly use HitTrax to improve their game, craft, and businesses. The result was real stories highlighting the real ways HitTrax made the difference.

The Message

In an industry laden with technical jargon and posturing, ACC took a more down-to-earth approach and focused on telling the real stories of real people who experienced extreme improvements using HitTrax. The ACC Team shot on location where the players, coaches play and train every day. An authentic, focused and enthusiastic vibe came through in the final product titled:


The Results

Immediately upon releasing HitTrax Presents: Transformation, HitTrax fielded an unsolicited number of stores from players and coaches who were passionate about the system. They wanted to share their stories too!

The series has helped establish HitTrax as the industry leader and grow market share amongst high-school, collegiate and privately-owned facilities — boosting their bottom line.